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World of zellians

World of zellians akon song mp3 free 2010 Oct 25, 2010. The World of Zellians has been slowly deteriorating as royal feuds divide the kingdom and.

Download PC Games, one of the best and popular site of all time. We are providing free full version games since 2010 and we have the list of the greatest games of all time. You can download 6000 games including hundred of categories for PC! GEOCACHE- left edge, just above boat railing -USS PRINCETON STEAMSHIP PROPELLOR PEARS – break small box on top of crate, just to left of the rope coil OILCAN – break top bx of left stack of crates TO LEAVE- use the knife on both ropes, then use the keys on the boat. GEOCACHE- upper, center edge – JOHN ROEBLING'S POCKET WATCH TENNIS BALL – burn bush in lower right 1804 – Dust lower center of bridge base DESTINY SCANNER – use crank handle on winch, lower center of bridge base. GEOCACHE – white clock in window – HAND CRAFTED MANTLE CLOCK MAP BOOK – type MAP BOOK and hit enter using your keyboard. Go to bookcase “D”, top shelf, 5th book from the left. GEOCACHE – lower right of roses- ROMAN CENTURIAN HELMET POCKET WATCH – break vase to right of stone block GRAVY CUP – burn basket lower, left BISQUIT CAN – burn rag, left of wood beam SUN SYMBOL – dust just to right of walkway, above music book 4 COINS – break the keystone on each of the four arches GEOCACHE – on right statue – SACRED COBRA IDOL PIPE – dust to right of wings CASTLE – dust lower left BLUE GEM – break vase on left FERTILITY IDOL – place the necklaces on the large figures from left to right – yellow, green, red and blue. Click on exit GEOCACHE – upper, left corner of bookcase – SACRIFICIAL DAGGER BINOCULARS – break vase, lower right SPIDER – break cup, lower left MOTH – dust upper left over sand receptacle NEW ENTRANCE- Place 10 scrolls into bookshelf cubbyholes. Use the scanner on the lower, center of the bridge base. The triangle piece will drop below where the light beam ends. GEOCACHE – upper, left top of palm tree- NAPOLEONIC CANNONBALL DIGGING SPADE – break front crate CAMEL – dust just above dog statue on left EAGLE – dust to right of dog statue ENTRANCE- from left to right, place stone tablet in niches in center – 3 feathers, 4 beetles, 5 feathers. GEOCACHE – burn garbage in can on left – FRENCH FOOT GUNNER HELMET SOCCER BALL – burn wads of paper in front of steps HARD HAT – Burn left crate LETTER O - *note not listed as blue item- burn newspaper near crate TRIANGLE PIECE – use socket wrench on manhole GEOCACHE – at base of candlestick, 3rd from the left – FRENCH JEWELED CROWN FRENCH COIN – break bowl on table SKULL- place the six red gems in the diamond holes at the bottom of each stained glass window. GEOCACHE – upper left corner of dome- FRENCH BONE CHINA TEACUP AND SAUCER TRIDENT – dust left column MUSIC NOTE – burn picture lower, right 2 x PAINTBRUSH – break left and right vases TRIANGLE PIECE – place the mirrors in each of the statue's hand, and in the niche to the left of the armor. PARIS MAP - Place the book on the reading stand and turn to the Paris page. GEOCACHE- break pot next to center stone platform – KNIGHT'S TEMPLAR COLD COIN NECKLACE- break pottery next to right stone platform CROSS – dust right wall, just below skulls X BONE – break vase just left of altar P BONE – break vase on right of altar TREASURE- Place prism on center platform, and the lanterns on the left and right platforms. Place the “P” and “X” bones where the light is hitting. GEOCACHE – break lower left crate – BUST OF EGYPTIAN GOD ANUBIS BOWL – break lower left crate CRESCENT MOON – dust upper left column COLUMN PIECE – break center crate ELEPHANT – dust lower right wall of temple EGYPT MAP – place stone book on podium just to right of horse; replace column piece to center, right edge; replace horse leg on horse upper, left; replace statue head on lower, right statue; replace broken sword on lower, left statue. You need to make the sand flow to the bottom with no leaks. GEOCACHE – burn bush next to left rock – MAYAN JADE EARRINGS Use the brush on the entire area inside the ropes. numbering the tiles across A-B and Down 1-6, click on these: B1 x3, C1, B2x2, C2, B3, C3x2, A4x2, A5, B5, C5, A6x2, C6. Lizziek has a picture of it in her photobucket GEOCACHE – upper edge, to left of hat – ANTIQUE FRENCH NECKLACE 3 x CANOPIC JAR – break vase lower left; burn web upper left and lower right CAT & CAMERA – dust just right of center wheel GARGOYLE- dust to left of cat and camera BLUE GEM – press the symbols on the wall in this order – 2 feathers, 2 beetles, snake, 1 feather, one beetle. GEOCACHE – upper, center edge – MAYAN RARE SILVER NECKLACE LEAF FOSSIL – dust left center edge HORSESHOE – dust just under “Exposition” KEY- *Note- not listed as blue item- burn newspaper lower right GLASS SKULL- open the case with the key. SUN – burn bush upper, left corner MAGNIFYING LENS – burn bottom center edge bush MASK – break lower left rock MILLIPEDE – break lower right rock RED DIAMOND – use box cutters to open bag, lower right in dig area GEOCACHE – left edge of small shelf on front of counter – SACRIFICIAL MAYAN DAGGER EGGPLANT – break bowl on center of counter CALENDAR – click on calendar picture, lower right. Use lighter to light torches – upper right an left Use hammer to squish all scarab beetles GEOCACHE – left center wall – MAYAN SUN GOD IDOL WARRIOR – dust lower right of altar ELEPHANT – dust lower left edge CASTLE- dust left of altar PAINTED GOURD – break box, lower left HAND PRINT – dust to right of altar RED DIAMOND – use hammer in center of altar GEOCACHE – on top of right stone head – MAYAN SUN DIAL IGUANA - burn lower left bush 2 x AMMONITE FOSSIL, break rock on right side of stairs and break rock at the bottom of the stairs on the left CRYSTAL CHUNK – break rock lower left BOOK – break box, lower right 2 x STONE TABLETS – in the center tile puzzle, move the tiles to show a man holding fire (the squares go at the bottom) Take the tablets from the mouths of the stone heads and place them into the niches in the doors enter door Use lighter to light vases, lower right and left GEOCACHE – burn web, lower left – MAYAN ELONGATED SKULL STAR – break rock on right SWORD – dust on statue TREASURE- place head on statue. GEOCACHE – right center edge- BLACKBEARD'S HAT WHALE – break rock, lower right GOLD KEY- break bottle on center dock The object here is to create a path to each chest. World of zellians yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan instrumental song Sep 18, 2009. An engaging society-building game, World of Zellians Kingdom Builder tasks players with rebuilding and expanding the societies of seven. Oct 25, 2010. The World of Zellians has been slowly deteriorating as royal feuds divide the kingdom and.